How to Play

Can you escape?

How to play

  • Search around the room with the mouse cursor. There are clues hidden around the room which can be looked at closer when the the pointer appears.
  • Do not use your browser navigation buttons during the game.
  • All word pass codes are in UPPERCASE and may contain spaces.
  • Enter the pass code, and click ‘Escape the Room‘, alternatively pressing the ‘Enter ↵’ key.
  • You can return to the room after looking at a clue by clicking ‘Back to Room’.
  • You may return to any room you have unlocked, but you must enter the pass code again to move forward.

Playing with friends online

  • This game may be played my multiple people, simply use a suitable video conferencing application.
  • The party should select a team member to operate the game functions, however, certain applications allow for remote control of multiple users
  • For information on how to ‘share your screen’ with friends or colleagues please see the help and support information for the application you are using. Some popular video conferencing applications are given below, though this is not an exhaustive list and other applications are available